Thursday, February 25, 2010

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Justin Mosher at New England NAGA

Team Simmler Student Justin Mosher competed and took the 1st place title home in the Intermediate no-gi Cruiserweight 199lbs division at the New England Grappler NAGA event held a Twin Rivers Casino on February 6th 2010.

Justin was scheduled to compete in the gi division as well but was suffering from a slight case of strep throat and was not able to. Even with feeling under the weather Justin early felt it was his day to shine. He approached his trainer/coach Dan Simmler right before his first match and said, " I know for a fact I'm going to take this division". Here is video of his first match. Justin is wearing the black top.

Justin's second match lasted just under three minutes and he was victorious via a submission. Here's the video;

For his third and final match on the day after deciding he didn't feel well enough to compete in the gi competion. Justin was weary as it was the finals and he could didn't see any of the Team Simmler coaches. Just recalls the moments before the finals match, "They call me up for finals match and I look around and cant find any of the guys who had been coaching me through my division. So I get a little nervous and think to myself I guess I'm just going to have to make this match quick. Which I did my finals match happened to be the shortest match of the day. But in the very beginning of the match Jay Hammel runs right over to coach me." With Jay there to coach Justin went to work this match ended in just under a minute via submission.

Here's the video

With this NAGA victory Justin adds another title/medal to his resume and hopes to do the same later this year at the Pan-American Games. Congratulations Justin we're all proud of your efforts and achievement at NAGA.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A great day for Nick at NAGA

2010 NAGA New England Grappling Champion!

Simmler BJJ student Nick Robinson Captures his second Expert Division Title of the day. Nick took home both the gi and no gi titles and we are all super pumped for him. Here is a great picture of his new hardware and some videos of his excellent matches and efforts from 2010 New England NAGA event which took place February 6th 2010 at Twin Rivers Casino in RI.

No Gi--


Again congratulations to Nick for his hard work,dedication and training that surely paid off when he took home 2 titles at the 2010 New England Grapplers NAGA event.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Simmler BJJ is proud to announce our revamped TAP Program

That's right! We have some exciting news coming out out of We have announced our Facebook Group TAP NPO. If you are on FB become a fan today Our Training Assistance Program officially has become a Non-Profit organization and we are very excited about it and you should be too.

TAP is Non-Profit program designed to help raise funds for both our Kidjitsu and Adult Competition Teams. But there's more.

Our Mission is as follows;

To run charitable fundraising channels that will help fund the SBJJNE Kid's After School Athletics Program as well as many other training opportunities for the youth and adult COMP Team. In addition to all in-house events TAP NPO will work directly with other charitable organizations to raise funds and help promote awareness in their respective areas.

Above and beyond that, TAP will not only help fund the COMP Team for both kids and adults but will also be working with other great programs such as MMA4Autism, Jitsu Juniors After School Athletics Program, Give Kids a Fighting Chance, and the Special Olympics. We hope to see as much help and support with our events and fundraising as possible.

This exciting program will help make a difference within our community by helping good causes and it will also help raise awareness about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and its benefits to health and fitness for both kids and adults alike.

We are proud to introduce this and look forward to helping raise money for all parties involved.