Thursday, September 2, 2010

UFC 118/ Grappler's Quest

As most of you know this past weekend was a huge weekend for fans, fighters, and MMA in general in New England. The UFC came to Boston and hosted their first event, UFC 118 at the TD Garden. Also part of the weekend was the UFC Fan Expo which hosted many of the current UFC fighters as well as other events such as the UFC Grappler's Quest.

Serra BJJ NE/ Team Simmler had several guys compete and bring home some hardware. Alex O'Brien had a strong showing during the tournament taking 3rd place in his Blue Belt division. Alex had several tough match ups and did extremely well. 

Justin Mosher took 2nd place in his No-Gi division after another good showing at Grappler's Quest. Mosher won his first fight by a flying darce choke cause his opponent to quickly tap. 

Todd Montgomery took 2nd place in the Master's No-Gi absolute after a very strong showing. Todd beat a Gracie Barra black belt in the Semi's to make it to the finals. Todd brought home 1st place in his No-Gi division and had a strong showing in his Advanced division coming in 4th.

Dale Kline also did well over the weekend taking 3rd place in the Blue Belt absolute division. Dale also took 1st in his No-Gi division and came in 4th in the Advanced No-Gi division with all black belts. Dale wrapped up his No-Gi day going 1-1 in the absolute division which included a arm-snapping kimura.

Jay Pope and TJ Forbes also had very strong showings at the tournament which turned out to be very competitive. Congrats to all Serra BJJ NE/ Team Simmler competitors as well as those who were present to support the team!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

3 Glover Seminar Vids on Simmler BJJ Youtube Channel- More to follow!

Yes, that is right. It has taken me a little while but there are now 3 Videos from the Jeff Glover Gi Seminar held at the Academy on May 8th on our Youtube Channel and more will be following. If you were not able to attend take a look and check the channel as more informational videos will be hitting it over the summer. It is a going to to be a great summer to train and there are a good amount of tournaments and seminars planned or in the works. Make sure you check out these great vids!

Monday, May 24, 2010

2010 NY Open

We are proud to announce and Congratulate Ty Moulton and TJ Forbes on their medals at the 2010 NY open held on Saturday May 1st. Heading into the weekend TJ was a bit nervous as it was the first time he was participating in tow tournaments in the same Weekend. NY Open on Saturday and on Sunday. He was up for the challenge though and and was anticipating and excited and was going to give it his best.

TJ took home the Silver after a somewhat rocky start. His first match was against Galvin Green and in the middle of the match, TJ was trying secure solid side control and accidentally thumbed Galvin in the right eye. Fearing a possible DQ TJ stated to the ref that is was an accident and he wasn't trying to do it. To which the ref replied as the say in your country...," Sometimes... (expletive) happens. " After a brief timeout and a doctor looking at Galvin's eye, the match got back under way. After another take down TJ was able to position himself for an arm-bar and secured it to win the match.

TJ's second match he executed a take down and finished with a loop choke.He was tired and caught up with the excitement of the day and didn't recall too many details. Just that he won...

The third match was against a guy named Ryan who had 6 years wrestling experience but was relatively new to BJJ. Ryan was able to to perform several take downs and hold TJ in a dominant position. TJ was a bit gassed and was not able to get out from underneath Ryan. Ryan ultimately won by points. With that TJ secured a Silver medal at the 2010 NY Open,

Ty Moulton took home Gold Medal in the Super Heavy Weight Division White Belt.

Match 1 was against Ben Wood from Renzo Gracie. Ty went for an inside leg trip and was swept into half guard where he reversed position and maintained a dominant position for the remainder of the to win by points.

Match 2 Dan Francis Gracie Humaita.
At the beginning Ty was pulled into guard and was able to establish and maintain dominant position and won by points.

Match 3 Vinicius Machado Kimuru BJJ. Out of the gate Ty pulled guard and in doing so Vini sustained a broken leg. Ty won match by default.

At the end of the day Simmler BJJ students brought 2 medals back from New York and we are all proud of their hard work and efforts at the Open. Congratulation to Ty Moulton for his Gold Medal and TJ Forbes for his Silver!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Marc and Nick Win at Event in Worcester MA May 2nd!

We'd like to Congratulate Marc Berman and Nick Robinson for their Wins this past weekend. The tournament was sponsored by and was Sunday May 2nd in Worcester Massachusetts. Here is the video of two of the Serra New England/ Simmler BJJ students in action!

Enjoy the videos. Nice work guys!

Marc's match


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Great Story about 2 Serra New England/Team Simmler BJJ Students

Aired Thursday 4/29/2010 on NECN and Worcester Charter 3


(NECN: Katie Daly, Worcester, Mass.) - Jeremiah Monge is at the top of his class at the Serra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy in Worcester. He trains everyday and even helps with instructing a few classes a week. But Jeremiah faces a unique challenge when taking on opponents. He is also deaf. 

Jeremiah's friend L.P. is also climbing the ranks at the academy. He started taking lessons about a year ago, but can take on opponents with more experience and skill level without a problem. Watching him on the mats you may not be able to tell that he is blind.

Dan Simmler is their instructor. He says it's the challenges these two students face that gives them an advantage in the sport.

The combat sport focuses on ground fighting which includes throws, holds and take downs.

Simmler says to be successful at these maneuvers students must sharpen their sense of touch... Which L.P and Jeremiah already have.

When Simmler first started training Jeremiah three years ago communicating was difficult. But Simmler immediately noticed Jeremiah's other strengths..

L.P. admits he does get frustrated not being able to see his opponent approach him. But he's not willing to let his disability get in his way. Like Jeremiah it only means he needs to work a little harder.

The pair compete on a regional level and someday would like to have a career in martial arts. It's a goal that is important for both of them and may not be very far away

Monday, April 19, 2010

Busy times ahead!

Been a while since we've blogged but there is some exciting tourney's coming down the pike this Spring! Serra New England/ Team Simmler plans on having a great number of students participating in all of them.
Here is what is coming up!
AGC Tourney on Saturday April 24th  At Biddeford High School Biddeford ME

Next up... The 2010 New York International Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship  May 1st in NY!

The last day to register is Saturday April 24! $102 to register. Must register online! Register and learn more here.

Then on May 2nd on the local front there is the 1st Warriors in Combat Cup. A Gi only Tourney right here in Worcester at the Elm Park Community School. Online registration only at

Become a fan of Serra New England/Team Simmler on Facebook by clicking link below.

Feel free to visit our website at

Thanks for visiting and reading. We hope to have more exciting news as we head into summer here at the Academy.  

Don't forget to register for the Jeff Glover Seminar May 8th and 9th

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jeff Glover seminar reminder! Watch this!

Jeff Glover Seminar at Serra New England/Team Simmler at 210 Summer St Worcester on:

May 8: Saturday, Gi 12-3pm

May 9: Sunday, No-GI 12-3pm

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jeff Glover Seminar!

Jeff Glover Seminar May 8 & 9! Don't miss this one. Pre-Register now to save a spot. This Seminar is open to all schools and it WILL sell out.

Jeff Glover Seminar at Serra New England/Team Simmler at 210 Summer St Worcester on:

May 8: Saturday, Gi 12-3pm

May 9: Sunday, No-GI 12-3pm

Register Now!!!!!

Some Jeff Glover highlights from Grapplers Quest

Friday, March 19, 2010

Danny Ives Seminar

On Tuesday night, March 16, 2010 we had a great turn out at Serra/Simmler BJJ NE for the Danny Ives seminar. 

Danny Ives is a world renowned martial arts coach, competitor and martial arts expert. He is a Pan-American games champion, multiple times NAGA champion, and many times superfight champion. Danny was born and raised in Philadelphia, and is one of the first Americans to begin training in MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu back in 1994. He holds a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Master Lloyd Irvin and has many years of Boxing, Thai Boxing, wrestling, and Judo experience.Danny took some time to share various Marcelo Garcia sitting-guard options, half guard sweeps and other concepts he is working on that have been very effective. 

Danny took some time to share various Marcelo Garcia sitting-guard options, half guard sweeps and other concepts he is working on that have been very effective.  

Danny Ives' academy, Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts is the Team Lloyd Irvin training center for the Annapolis, MD area.

Photos courtesy of Teresa Russin & Scott Robinson. 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dan Simmler takes Silver @ ADCC Pro World Cup North American Trials

One week after receiving his Black Belt under Matt Serra, Dan Simmler wasted no time breaking it in this weekend at the Abu Dhabi Pro-Gi North American Trials in Montreal, Canada placing 2nd at black belt---bringing home a Silver medal. 

Simmler won his first 3 fights by submission via toe-hold, triangle, and armbar from guard respectively. In the finals, Simmler had a tough battle with black belt Josh Griffiths from Alliance losing with the score 0-0 and 2-1 on advantages. 

Congrats Dan on taking Silver!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chas Tucker wins MA State Wrestling Championship!

Serra BJJ NE/ Team Simmler competitor Chas Tucker (Worcester Academy) won the Massachusetts (MYWA) State Wrestling Title at 91 lbs. on Sunday, February 28, 2010. Chas walked through his bracket with relative ease pinning his first opponent in 0:30, winning his semi-final match 7-0, and winning his finals match by "Technical Fall" (winning by more than 15 pts.) with the score of 18-1. 
Chas also recently competed at NAGA held on February 6, 2010 at Twin River Casino in Lincoln, RI. Chas took 1st place in both his Gi and No-Gi divisions at the tournament.
Chas will be competing this upcoming weekend at the 2010 New England Youth Wrestling Championships held at Lowell High School in Lowell, MA.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Danny Ives Seminar @ Serra BJJ NE/ Team Simmler: Tues., March 16th

Serra BJJ NE/ Team Simmler Seminar with DANNY IVES!!!!! (Two Hour BJJ Workshop) Tuesday March 16, 6:30-8:30pm 

Cost: $20 

"Best seminar I have ever been to!" -John Saari 4 stripe BJJ blue belt

''Danny Ives has been a huge contributor to my game. He helped build my skills in bull fighting, De la Riva, and X-Guard. Don't miss this seminar!'' -Dan Simmler

Danny Ives Accomplishments: 
-BJJ Black Belt under Lloyd Irvin 
-Pan Am Gold Medalist
- 6X Pan Am Medalist, BJJ Black Belt 
-14X NAGA Absolute Champion 
-6X Grappler's Quest Pro Champion 
-Undefeated in MMA 
-2X NAGA Competitor of the Year

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gary LaBreck wins by TKO @ Combat Sports Challenge 29

Congratulations to Serra BJJ NE/ Team Simmler's Gary LaBreck for his TKO (Rd.1) victory at Combat Sports Challenge 29 in Hampton, VA on 02/20/20. Gary has been working hard on all aspects of his game, especially his wrestling. If you check out his fight video (above) you'll see his hard work paid off! Props to Gary!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Serra BJJ NE/Team Simmler News: Simmler gets his Blackbelt!

Serra BJJ NE/Team Simmler would like to say congratulations to Dan Simmler on his promotion to Black Belt on Sunday, February 28, 2010. Dan has been training hard and was awarded his black belt by Matt Serra at Serra BJJ in Long Island, NY over the weekend.
It was a great day for Serra BJJ NE/Team Simmler as Dan’s promotion represents years of hard work and dedication to the sport and to the team. Several team members joined him on the trip to Long Island, NY and were able to capture some great clips from the day.

Dan is the head instructor at Serra BJJ NE/Team Simmler. Dan has been a active competitor since 1999 and has been a top five nationally "RANKED" competitor in the USA for seven years. (Including four years at #1.)

Dan is known for his competition background and experience on both the North American Grappling Association (NAGA) and Grappler's Quest circuits which are currently the two largest grappling circuits in the USA.

Dan currently cross trains his jiu-jitsu with judo under 4X Olympian and World Champion Jimmy Pedro. Jimmy has been instrumental in taking Simmler's throws and takedowns to a whole new level.
Dan currently is very active in grappling competition internationally and also competes regularly in MMA.

If you are interested in checking out
Serra BJJ NE/Team Simmler in Worcester, MA you may contact Dan at 508-839-9562 or email him at for more information (including: privates, group lessons, and seminars).

Blog Entry written by Dale Kline, pics by Jeremiah Monge & Scott Robinson. Video by Scott Robinson

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Check out the Local Deal!

Guys check out 'The Local Deal'!!!! They run daily specials for local businesses. They are running a great special today with SBJJ NE sponsor Wah-Bo Grill. Support Wah-Bo Grill & the Team!!! Http://

Monday, February 22, 2010

Justin Mosher at New England NAGA

Team Simmler Student Justin Mosher competed and took the 1st place title home in the Intermediate no-gi Cruiserweight 199lbs division at the New England Grappler NAGA event held a Twin Rivers Casino on February 6th 2010.

Justin was scheduled to compete in the gi division as well but was suffering from a slight case of strep throat and was not able to. Even with feeling under the weather Justin early felt it was his day to shine. He approached his trainer/coach Dan Simmler right before his first match and said, " I know for a fact I'm going to take this division". Here is video of his first match. Justin is wearing the black top.

Justin's second match lasted just under three minutes and he was victorious via a submission. Here's the video;

For his third and final match on the day after deciding he didn't feel well enough to compete in the gi competion. Justin was weary as it was the finals and he could didn't see any of the Team Simmler coaches. Just recalls the moments before the finals match, "They call me up for finals match and I look around and cant find any of the guys who had been coaching me through my division. So I get a little nervous and think to myself I guess I'm just going to have to make this match quick. Which I did my finals match happened to be the shortest match of the day. But in the very beginning of the match Jay Hammel runs right over to coach me." With Jay there to coach Justin went to work this match ended in just under a minute via submission.

Here's the video

With this NAGA victory Justin adds another title/medal to his resume and hopes to do the same later this year at the Pan-American Games. Congratulations Justin we're all proud of your efforts and achievement at NAGA.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A great day for Nick at NAGA

2010 NAGA New England Grappling Champion!

Simmler BJJ student Nick Robinson Captures his second Expert Division Title of the day. Nick took home both the gi and no gi titles and we are all super pumped for him. Here is a great picture of his new hardware and some videos of his excellent matches and efforts from 2010 New England NAGA event which took place February 6th 2010 at Twin Rivers Casino in RI.

No Gi--


Again congratulations to Nick for his hard work,dedication and training that surely paid off when he took home 2 titles at the 2010 New England Grapplers NAGA event.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Simmler BJJ is proud to announce our revamped TAP Program

That's right! We have some exciting news coming out out of We have announced our Facebook Group TAP NPO. If you are on FB become a fan today Our Training Assistance Program officially has become a Non-Profit organization and we are very excited about it and you should be too.

TAP is Non-Profit program designed to help raise funds for both our Kidjitsu and Adult Competition Teams. But there's more.

Our Mission is as follows;

To run charitable fundraising channels that will help fund the SBJJNE Kid's After School Athletics Program as well as many other training opportunities for the youth and adult COMP Team. In addition to all in-house events TAP NPO will work directly with other charitable organizations to raise funds and help promote awareness in their respective areas.

Above and beyond that, TAP will not only help fund the COMP Team for both kids and adults but will also be working with other great programs such as MMA4Autism, Jitsu Juniors After School Athletics Program, Give Kids a Fighting Chance, and the Special Olympics. We hope to see as much help and support with our events and fundraising as possible.

This exciting program will help make a difference within our community by helping good causes and it will also help raise awareness about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and its benefits to health and fitness for both kids and adults alike.

We are proud to introduce this and look forward to helping raise money for all parties involved.