Thursday, September 2, 2010

UFC 118/ Grappler's Quest

As most of you know this past weekend was a huge weekend for fans, fighters, and MMA in general in New England. The UFC came to Boston and hosted their first event, UFC 118 at the TD Garden. Also part of the weekend was the UFC Fan Expo which hosted many of the current UFC fighters as well as other events such as the UFC Grappler's Quest.

Serra BJJ NE/ Team Simmler had several guys compete and bring home some hardware. Alex O'Brien had a strong showing during the tournament taking 3rd place in his Blue Belt division. Alex had several tough match ups and did extremely well. 

Justin Mosher took 2nd place in his No-Gi division after another good showing at Grappler's Quest. Mosher won his first fight by a flying darce choke cause his opponent to quickly tap. 

Todd Montgomery took 2nd place in the Master's No-Gi absolute after a very strong showing. Todd beat a Gracie Barra black belt in the Semi's to make it to the finals. Todd brought home 1st place in his No-Gi division and had a strong showing in his Advanced division coming in 4th.

Dale Kline also did well over the weekend taking 3rd place in the Blue Belt absolute division. Dale also took 1st in his No-Gi division and came in 4th in the Advanced No-Gi division with all black belts. Dale wrapped up his No-Gi day going 1-1 in the absolute division which included a arm-snapping kimura.

Jay Pope and TJ Forbes also had very strong showings at the tournament which turned out to be very competitive. Congrats to all Serra BJJ NE/ Team Simmler competitors as well as those who were present to support the team!

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