Monday, May 24, 2010

2010 NY Open

We are proud to announce and Congratulate Ty Moulton and TJ Forbes on their medals at the 2010 NY open held on Saturday May 1st. Heading into the weekend TJ was a bit nervous as it was the first time he was participating in tow tournaments in the same Weekend. NY Open on Saturday and on Sunday. He was up for the challenge though and and was anticipating and excited and was going to give it his best.

TJ took home the Silver after a somewhat rocky start. His first match was against Galvin Green and in the middle of the match, TJ was trying secure solid side control and accidentally thumbed Galvin in the right eye. Fearing a possible DQ TJ stated to the ref that is was an accident and he wasn't trying to do it. To which the ref replied as the say in your country...," Sometimes... (expletive) happens. " After a brief timeout and a doctor looking at Galvin's eye, the match got back under way. After another take down TJ was able to position himself for an arm-bar and secured it to win the match.

TJ's second match he executed a take down and finished with a loop choke.He was tired and caught up with the excitement of the day and didn't recall too many details. Just that he won...

The third match was against a guy named Ryan who had 6 years wrestling experience but was relatively new to BJJ. Ryan was able to to perform several take downs and hold TJ in a dominant position. TJ was a bit gassed and was not able to get out from underneath Ryan. Ryan ultimately won by points. With that TJ secured a Silver medal at the 2010 NY Open,

Ty Moulton took home Gold Medal in the Super Heavy Weight Division White Belt.

Match 1 was against Ben Wood from Renzo Gracie. Ty went for an inside leg trip and was swept into half guard where he reversed position and maintained a dominant position for the remainder of the to win by points.

Match 2 Dan Francis Gracie Humaita.
At the beginning Ty was pulled into guard and was able to establish and maintain dominant position and won by points.

Match 3 Vinicius Machado Kimuru BJJ. Out of the gate Ty pulled guard and in doing so Vini sustained a broken leg. Ty won match by default.

At the end of the day Simmler BJJ students brought 2 medals back from New York and we are all proud of their hard work and efforts at the Open. Congratulation to Ty Moulton for his Gold Medal and TJ Forbes for his Silver!

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