Wednesday, February 16, 2011

NAGA : New England SBJJ Results! (Updated!)

Big shout out to all our SBJJ competitors and teammates who represented at the recent NAGA New England held on January, 29-30 at Twin River Casino in Lincoln, RI.

Team Results:
No-Gi Adult Team: 1st Place*
Gi Adult Team: 3rd Place
Overall Adult Team: 2nd Place
Kids/ Teens Team: 1st Place

Day 1 was headlined by some of our veterans (Jiu Jitsu Militia) who did extremely well in their Gi and No-Gi divisions. Here is how they finished:
- Justin Zillman - 1st Bluebelt
- Jay Pope - 2nd Masters Beg. No-Gi
- Jeff Kell - 1st Masters Int. No-Gi, 2nd Bluebelt
- Melissa Ouimet - 2nd Nov. No-Gi
- Jordan Rosario – 1st Adv. No-Gi
- Earl Ebbing – 1st Bluebelt
- Charlie Salmon – 1st Brown/Blackbelt
- Dan Simmler – NAGA Absolute No-Gi Champion

Here's one of Jay Pope's fights:

Charlie Salmon in the Purple Belt Finals:

On Day 2 our SBJJ Kids/ Teens (Mini Militia) picked up where the adults left off with many bringing home new hardware! Congrats to our kids/teens, here's how they finished:
- Fiona Faford – 1st No-Gi, 1st Whitebelt
- Oliva Salmon – 1st No-Gi, 1st No-Gi,1st Whitebelt
- Connor Halloran – 1st No-Gi, 2nd No-Gi
- Leah Halloran – 1st Whitebelt, 2nd No-Gi
- Padraic Halloran – 2nd Whitebelt, 3rd No-Gi
- Emma Halloran – 3rd Whitebelt
- Yanni Paloukas – 2nd Whitebelt
- Diane Robinson – 1st Gi Intermediate
- Nick Robinson – 2nd Expert No-Gi
- Alec Mastrototar – 1st No-Gi, 1st Whitebelt
- Christian Ruiz – 1st No-Gi, 1st No-Gi, 1st Whitebelt, 1st Whitebelt
- Jesse Jacques – 2nd Int. Gi
- Logan Edwards – 3rd Whitebelt

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